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"You can make your own son or daughter one of a kind if you have the time and will to do so; school can only make them part of a hive, herd or anthill."
-John Taylor Gatto

"Government schooling is the most radical adventure in history. It kills the family by monopolizing the best times of childhood and by teaching disrespect for home and parents. We don't need state-certified teachers to make education happen--that probably guarantees it won't."
-John Taylor Gatto

" If a man neglects education, he walks lame to the end of his life." —Plato


Every child is entitled to an excellent education, which is why we have countered the 'dumbing-down' trend in public schools and designed a program based on the high standards of the liberal arts while nurturing each child's innate love of learning. We follow an innovative model of education by delaying formal education until the age of seven, one-on-one teaching, self-paced study, a curriculum of fascinating books ( instead of dull textbooks), and we eliminate the need for unnecessary testing and homework. To learn more about the program, please click on the "Kinza Academy Curriculum" tab.