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Kinza Academy First Grade Curriculum Book List Download

First Grade Curriculum Book List Download
First Grade Curriculum Book List Download
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Your first grade program includes:

  • The Kinza curriculum book list of hardcover deluxe edition and softcover book titles
  • A suggested teaching schedule to help you get started with your Kinza program
  • An invitation to become a member of the private Kinza Academy Yahoo international group

 Below is an overview of our program:


Spelling: Using the Spelling Workout series, students learn to spell in progressive stages, much as they would when learning to speak and read. The student will learn the various sounds of each letter and word, such as the beginning sounds, ending sounds, blending sounds, short vowels, long vowels, and so on. The first book begins with three letter spelling words and finishes with four letter spelling words. The program also teaches proofreading and dictation skills.

Grammar: Children will learn the correct definition and meaning of grammatical terms such as proper and common nouns, pronouns, verbs, verb actions, sentence structure and more. There will also be narration exercises, copying, and dictation to facilitate an initial grasp of the English language.

Reading: We offer a unique phonics program that guarantees children will be reading with ease upon completion of the book. In addition, there is a selection of mostly classic literature, which has been carefully selected to support the first grade studies and further instill the love of reading in your child. The program also includes a book of poetry to help children begin memorizing poems, an excellent  approach to developing eloquence and improving memory skills.

Penmanship: We offer an Italic penmanship workbook that gives instruction on how to write each letter correctly, eventually combining the letters to make words and full sentences. The program also includes writing exercises to further improve writing skills.


Using an innovative math program, children are introduced to math in a way that they learn to love it, both girls and boys!


Children will learn to love history using the Story of the World series. In first grade, children will learn about ancient history including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans with coloring maps of the ancient world, and interesting projects to give the child a first-hand experience of how people lived in earlier times. 


Working from nicely illustrated books on nature, your child will learn about the animal kingdom, human body, and the plant kingdom. The course is replete with plenty of projects to make it exciting, and memorable.


The student will learn to draw from chapter titles such as: On the Farm, Kids and Critters, Storybook Characters, Christopher Columbus, Autumn Harvest, and The Weather. The course emphasizes the similarity between drawing and writing, and encourages children to see writing as an extension of art.


You will receive the curriculum book list by email, a suggested teaching guideline, and an invitation to join our Kinza Academy Yahoo Group. If you require further assistance, please click on our "Consultation" tab to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you to provide the best education possible for the children.

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